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Astrology Testimonials

Congrats! I love your news letter, I hope to spread the word here and on Twitter to get more subscribers and listeners to the show! It i a blessing to me to read it and the info you provide is accurate and insightful and not like any other "astrologer" out there - you know the more commercial ones with the daily horoscopes. Since I found out my ascendant rising sign i Capricorn (I'm a libra with capricorn rising) thanks to your website and newsletter - its so accurate and helpful. Thank you for all you do. I hope to mail some support soon as I don't have access to a pay pal/credit card. Blessings to you! ~ Facebook posting

"From the moment you enter Chris's space, you know that he is a very unique and special person. Adorning the walls are his magnificent paintings and creative artifacts against a backdrop of warm barn wood with a hot belly wood stove in the corner making you feel right at home warmed by his essence that is everywhere - not to mention a feeling that life's magic and mysteries are all around you! And, that is just the beginning. As Chris embarks upon his reading what your astrology chart means, you are stunned by his seemingly full understanding, and appreciation, of all aspects of you with only knowing your name and date of birth. Then, the real journey begins as he masterfully recreates your life from beginning to present, but fills it in with extraordinary perception of how your strengths, weaknesses, character, personality and soul's deepest intent has played it's part while putting your life into a sense of order, rhythm and rhyme that leaves you speechless with a whole new appreciation of your own life. It is amazing how his interpretation of your chart brings forth a greater understanding of your unique gift and piece of the puzzle in this world along with sharing many incredible possibilities you could consider. Chris's astrology readings leave you feeling good about yourself, your life and what could be with great inspiration of how to move forward in a positive way. I would highly recommend him to anyone who desires to have a deeper, richer experience of themselves and how the universal forces have joined forces to help you be the best you can be." ~ Barbara, New York,

Hi again Chris. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for your reading!! That was the highlight of my day!! Had to text my family to tell them!! :-) ~
Monika, Oslo, Norway

Hi Chris, I first wanted to tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed your reading and talking to you, in general. You are a very down to earth person who is quite compassionate and very genuine, I feel. ~ Ann, Virgina

Dear Chris, I wanted to take the time to thank you for your reading. It was extremely informative. I was uncertain a bit when you stated that possibly I might do several things to make money at one time. Well, I find myself at a cross roads once again in my life.   Just wanted to take the time out to update. I realize the importance for an astrologer to have confirmation. ~ Amanda, Virginia

Hi Chris, I loved the reading you gave me! You gave me a heads up on some personality traits I had forgotten about that make me unique. Your interpretation of past year and upcoming planet transits interfacing with my natal chart will be a great help considering all the decisions I will be making. And I thank you greatly again for the extra time and suggestions you gave me due to my current situation. It was very interesting the way our life path did mirror each other and I am sure that is why I was led to you for help. Many Blessings to you, your family and friends! Take care and I will keep in touch to let you know how things work out in the coming year or two. ~ Laura, Florida

Hello Chris, No worries about the perfect timing that actually occurred. I felt empowered by your reading, insights and dynamic speaking and energy. You have guided me and I appreciated the time and energy. I am sending your link to family and friends. I look forward to having family charts done in the near future. Namaste ~ Barbara, Washington

Hi Chris, Thanks very much for the reading. It was interesting, and I had a strong feeling that everything was moving in a very positive direction going forward, so it was nice to have that validated. ~ Ashara, Massachusetts

Hi Chris, I wanted to thank you for the reading today, especially the insight you offered regarding the upcoming Saturn transit in Libra. During my Pluto square I embarked on a significant amount of interpersonal transformative work, which now is adding in changing my relationships. I am extremely optimistic about the next two years with Saturn as my disciplinarian to work through old karma in relationships. With Pluto conjunct my sun, I have befriended the intensity that I bring to relationships.  Thank you again for offering your knowledge on the radio and helping people move toward acceptance of themselves and their life's purpose. I called from Boulder, CO. (you asked about where your listeners are geographically). ~ Janine, Colorado

Art and Workshop Testimonials

You are an AMAZING human being!  Now, don't take this the wrong way, but, I simply love what you do------and who you are!  I have met very few men that I have a tendency to be totally at ease around, but you are one of those few.  I can think of no other man that has that kind of status. - Jacky P, Boston, Massachusetts

I thoroughly enjoyed your Mandala class.  The time flew by.  Thanks for the vision and advice.  Your dedication is astounding. - Terry, Massachusetts

Great work Chris. I love how you combine humor with insight and spirit. - Denise, Massachusetts

Great show Chris. I especially love “Forgiveness” and “Mercy, Mercy Me.”- Barbra, Massachusetts

Always a pleasure to see SPIRIT manifesting in beautiful art. Keep up the great flowing experience. With gratitude. -Lisa, Massachusetts

This was THE best show ever. It was great to catch up with you and see what you are all about. Amazing to be sure!  My best to you. -Laura, Masachusetts

I felt so peaceful after viewing your art and reading your text. I loved the whole experience and how they made me feel. - Janet, Massachusetts

A very impressive body of work. Keep up the great energy. - Paul, Massachusetts

Great work, Chris Full of soul, humility and humor.  Perfect combination! - Peter, Massachusetts

What can I say?  Your work always moves me in the best possible way.  So much love there.- Janet, Massachusetts

Turning of the Wheel Testimonials
Chris, your mandalas are beautiful and you are a great astrologer. I listen to your radio show on Sat. AM every so often. I like you style of delineation!  ~Carol, Santa Fe, New Mexico

I found out about you through a mutual friend.  I love your energy and your sense of humor and compassion which comes through your show. ~ Anita, Florida

I listen from Nyack NY :).  Started listening after seeing you at the Pool Art Show in NYC.  Namaste ~ Suzanne, New York

It is not just your radio show.  I am on a same boat as you are.  But I am prepared for changes and love to hear your show from Tokyo, Japan! ~ JoAnne, Tokyo, Japan

Love the pod cast and mandalas. I have been on disability for a few months now.  I have used this time to work on my art, although I have had no formal training, I do not let that stop me.  Because it is very difficult to get on permanent disability I will probably have to find some other kind of work.  However how great it would be to make a living at making art. At this point in my life I would really like to know what my purpose is in life, other than learning humility.  Best regards. ~ Jeff, Washington

I really love your podcast. I know for a while you were thinking of letting it go, glad you didn't. I too love astrology- play with it, then decided to get involved with it. I do some readings, but I only have 2 years under my belt of studies. I try to do my own chart but, this Saturn return has got me baffled. Although you are sitting in the middle of the farm field, your voice is heard. Thank you for your knowledge. ~ Georgia, Wisconsin

I always enjoy your show.  Very informative.  I listen from Malaysia. ~ Khor, Ipoh, Malaysia

I'm a Pisces in Chicago and I've recently found your program. I've listened to 3 shows so far.  I enjoy your knowledge.  Thank you for what you do. ~ Alana, IL

I love your show.  I will surely get a synastry reading when a partner comes along.  Very good show.  Very educational. ~ Maria, Massachusetts

I listen to all you shows.  Love what you do! ~ Susan, Melborne, Australia

Thank you for your show, I am a new listener and I live in Puerto Escondio, Oaxaca Mexico.  I like your voice and astrological insights! Again thank you for taking your time to do this, I learn a lot from listening to you!  Love and appreciation! ~ Anna, Oaxaca Mexico

I've been listening to your show for a few months now. I really enjoy the show and think you have done a great job with it. I'm down here in Houston,TX.  As a busy single Mother of three children (teens), who works as a contract critical care Nurse throughout various hospitals in the area, I spend a lot of time commuting. Your show is refreshing and helps me cope with the traffic and long commutes :) ~ Erin, Texas


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