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For all of its complexity, astrology is a rather simple, formulaic science when approached from that standpiont only. Granted, astrology is truly a unique mixture of both science and art. The science portion is based on degrees, angles, aspects and transits. The art portion of astrology comes from the gift of the interpretter.

To a trained professional, the astrology chart is comprised of a language that is unique to the constraints of the process. Like legal jargon, or medical terms, the dialog of the astrologer is based on many of the same principles. Once you understand a few basics you can quickly begin to develop connections and associations bewteen the science and the art.

The science part is relatively easy to learn. The art part requires years of practice. You cannot really have one with out the other and yet one requires far more time than the other. The most accurate analogy would be akin to a graduating medical student, who may know plenty about the science of medicine, but it is not fully adept at the topic until he accrues "mileage" or practice that he becomes a truly skilled physician. The same is true with astrology. Take a few minutes to learn some basic principles and before long you will develop a "feel" for the chart. Contact me with questions at chris@chrisflisher.com


MANDALAS – Spirit In Art by Chris Flisher
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